I am a dedicated stylist and consider myself to be an artist who is only satisfied with his piece of art once every single detail is in order.

Jörg Haubner

Jörg Haubner

master stylist

We are looking for a hairstylist with experience to join our team.

Hair Stylist in Dresden

You are a dedicated hair stylist with experience and already have a regular and satisfied clientele?
Come and join our team!

What we offer:

  • APPRECIATION: Your top performance is more to us than minimum wage. We provide attractive
    development opportunities for you. For example,
    each of us receives training to become a master
  • FAIRNESS: Creative work is simply more fun in a friendly atmosphere! We value a kind working
    climate among colleagues and managers.
  • RELIABILITY: Our salon concept has been successful in Dresden for 20 years. As a loyal and dedicated employee, you can rely on a secure job and a competitive income.

What you bring to the team:

  • ATMOSPHERE: Your customers will value the well-designed and high-quality atmosphere at our
  • COST / BENEFIT: We ensure great value for money. More than 1,000 loyal customers in Dresden speak for themselves. From experience, we can assure you that customers of new colleagues gladly switch to our salon. So, do not worry about your existing clientele! On the contrary, your customers will be excited and you will also soon add new clients to your regulars.

Interested? Give us a call – no strings attached! We will treat our chat confidentially and guarantee

absolute discretion independent of your final decision. Promise!

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