I value your time just as much as you do. Thus, I make sure, you will be here as short as possible, but
as long as necessary for a perfect hairstyle.
At the same time I promise that the beauty of your hairstyle will last longer.
Welcome to HAUPTsache HAUBNER – I am looking forward to your visit.

established in 1996

For 23 years I have been registered as a master

hair salon.

Cash-free payments

With me you can conveniently and securely pay by debit card (EC).


Brands received in my shop: hair color / care / styling

Health / Wellbeing / Nutritional Supplements / EM (Effective Microorganisms):


I am a decorated...


This honor is awarded for coloration skills of highest


What is in it for you? 

-Complete Individuality

The possibilities are endless - suiting your

type and applied with the gentlest

-100% Satisfaction and More

The relaxing feeling of being in the hands
of highly competent stylists.